Accelerating Development Velocity with the Power of AI

When a promising therapy emerges from discovery, the clock starts ticking on its trajectory towards commercialization. Turn up your Development Velocity™ (DV™) and get to market faster with the DV Platform™.

Estimate Your Company's
Development Velocity

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Estimate Your Company's
Development Velocity

When Momentum Means Everything

Development Velocity is the speed a pharmaceutical company moves therapies from the lab, through development, and into the market.

After investing so much in discovery, don’t lose momentum by
relying on the status quo. Keep your development program on the fast track by accelerating Development Velocity.

Commercialization is a milestone with high stakes.

Beyond clinical trials, drug development’s ‘business’ side is equally vital and complex. Twelve cross-functional teams (commercial, medical, HEOR, regulatory, etc.) simultaneously conduct hundreds of interdependent tasks.

Development teams still use outdated workflows, spreadsheets, manual data analytics, and countless meetings. These bottlenecks of inefficiency stall Development Velocity and slow the time-sensitive and costly journey to commercialization.

Commercialization is a milestone with high stakes - people at business meeting
DV is the mission-critical metric that yields cost reductions and earlier revenue. - cityscape and technology in woman's head

DV is the mission-critical metric that yields cost reductions and earlier revenue.

Every unnecessary moment a therapy spends in development opens the door to a quick-moving competitor ready to submit for approval first. Every redundant action and every duplicative effort slows down Development Velocity and drives up the budget.

The Platform That Takes Pharma to Peak DV

Replace manual processes with  the DV Platform™, a comprehensive AI-powered cloud solution built to address pharma’s cross-functional and interdependent needs. The DV Platform helps development teams easily scale to support enterprise-wide objectives, a true competitive edge.

Replace Legacy Processes

  • Utilize disease-specific data faster
  • Link cross-functional interdependencies
  • SID (scientific information disseminator) is the AI that:
    • Identifies disease-specific data
    • Autonomously aligns data to work
    • Analyzes data (creates metadata)

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Measure Performance

  • DV Index™ Score measures organizational performance
  • Monitor and improve Development Velocity KPIs

Reallocate Resources

  • Do more and explore more. Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase top-line revenues and bottom-line profits
  • Reinvest in new or expanded therapies

Improve Productivity

  • Everyone on same platform
  • Links interdependent work
  • Retains institutional knowledge

Accelerate Development Timelines

  • Reduce development costs
  • Earlier revenue
  • Lengthen market exclusivity
  • Increase profitability

Advance Patient Care

  • Therapies get to patients sooner
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Support pharma’s mission to do well by doing good

The Journey to Peak DV

When legacy processes lack a holistic approach, pharma can’t scale to meet cross-functional needs, slowing the Development Velocity of a promising new therapy.

The path to accelerating drug development begins by establishing your baseline DV Index™ Score. Our proprietary formula measures critical KPIs that directly impact drug development. During the process, we identify the specific bottlenecks slowing your company’s development and outlines a comprehensive action plan to move toward Peak DV.

Estimate Your Company’s Development Velocity

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
– Peter Drucker
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Learn How to Dial Up Your Development Velocity

The Platform Born from Experience

The SciMar DV Platform redefines, yet doesn’t reinvent, the clinical development process. With deep pharma roots and experience, we built our platform from the ground up for pharma. We’re not another solution retrofitted for pharma that adds more deliverables that must be stitched together.

“For years, I’ve watched our industry tolerate antiquated processes that hinder Development Velocity. Having been hands on in the process, we understand both the extreme complexity in weaving many layers together during the development process. This knowledge fuels our mission to create a solution that accelerates drug development across functions to create better health outcomes for patients everywhere.”

Donna Conroy, M.S. - CEO/Founder of SciMar
Donna Conroy, M.S.
Founder & CEO

Partnerships & Accreditations

Microsoft for Startups

“The Microsoft for Startups team is very pleased to be working with SciMar ONE as a member of our program. We are excited to see the way they are disrupting the life sciences market to dramatically reduce the costs, time, and risk of moving drugs from phase 2 to commercialization, saving lives and improving patient outcomes. We look forward to supporting them in their continued growth.”

— Sally Ann Frank, WW Lead, Health & Life Sciences Microsoft for Startups

It’s Time to Accelerate Your Development Velocity

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