Finding a place in the market landscape

The client was faced with mountains of published data resulting in a struggle to remain current in a rapidly emerging market. SciMar ONE created a Digital Library that not only gave internal stakeholders an easy to use tool to keep current, but synthesized the information and identified two disease states to focus on. The first disease state identified helped disrupt market erosion while the second provided long-term opportunity to expand the franchise.

Finding a patient population

The client approached SciMar ONE when they began missing projected market share by over 60%. A combination of a well-established competitor and minimal clinical differentiation in their therapies required the client to look for an unexploited area of the market. The SciMar ONE SDE that was created identified a new focus. By the end of that year, 42% of the target patient population market share belonged to the client.

SDE Analytics leads to full SDE application

SciMar ONE’s client was faced with multiple competitors eroding their market share. The analytical team at SciMar ONE was able to use the data collected in the SDE to identify three potential platforms for market and revenue growth. A strategic campaign was launched for one platform and has been utilized since 2012. After this success, the client decided to dig deeper and create a full SDE application in order to create a scientific communication platform for their disease franchise. With the full-scale SDE in place, the client has the ability for cross-functional teams around the world to quickly and easily prepare, analyze, and deliver scientific information to shape branding and drive communication.