SciMar ONE is a strategic brand building and enhancement company. With over 20 years of scientific, clinical, and market experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, we identify actionable, focused scientific themes to shape brands and drive communications throughout your products’ life cycle.

SciMar ONE helps its clients find differentiating factors for brands using a unique digital communications platform, the Scientific Data Engine (SDE).



We identify actionable focused scientific themes to shape branding and drive communications throughout a pharmaceutical product’s life cycle.

Core Values:

Instill creativity and flexibility

  • Combine emerging science with the art of marketing
  • Integrate a dynamic, customized and comprehensive approach to scientific brand building

Be visionary

  • Identify previously unseen product opportunities
  • Deliver products through emerging technology

Maintain integrity through transparency

  • Constant communication & partnership with our clients
  • Bring connectivity to the client’s international teams
  • Maintain accuracy of scientific data
  • Reduce risk

Keep the total employee in mind

  • Commitment to work-life balance
  • Stimulate inspiration, insight and enthusiasm
  • Maintain a professional yet informal, collegial environment


Donna Conroy, MS

President and CEO

Mike Conroy

Vice President, Emerging Technologies